30 October 2008

Picture Tag

I was tagged by Natalie so here are my pictures:
6th Picture File - 6th Picture
This is from Sabrina's Wedding. Just the two of us after she changed out of her dress.

4th file - 4th picture
This is from the last concert I was in at UVSC. Me and Debbie in our first costumes Hers is for Charleston and mine is for the opener. Maybe I should dye my hair and wear eyelashes everyday!
I tag: McKenna, Amber, Cara, Tiff, and Katie
(i don't know how many people i am supposed to tag so hopefully that is enough)

22 October 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

We are sitting in church. It was one of those really long days. We had about 25 min left till we would be done with Primary and able to go veg on the couch.

"Who would like to say the prayer," said Dan.

"ME!!!!!!," said child 1.

"Thank you child 1. Go ahead."

Child 1 waits for the other kids to quiet down and fold their arms before he proceeds.

"Heavenly Father. Please bless that Obama will win the election and not John McCain . . . "

About this time i stopped really paying attention to the prayer because I was trying to contain my giggling. You couldn't hear me but if you looked I am sure I was shaking uncontrollably.

I guess that answers whether or not this 4 year old child's parents pray with him at home.

13 October 2008

Handbags - Glorious Handbags

These wonderful people are going to give away one handbag every hour for 24 hours in 2 days and i hope one of them will be mine. Go enter now - or don't cause then i have a better chance.


14 September 2008


I know I started this blog two months ago and did post a thing but at least I am posting now! Since this is the beginning I will start at the beginning:

Our First Meeting - May 19th 2005

There are no pictures cause we didn't really talk long. I was on tour with UVSC Ballroom in Europe. He was on his mission in Geneva, Switzerland. His kind mission president let the missionaries come to our show in Nancy, France. He first saw me dancing onstage like an angel and I first saw him with a missionary haircut in a shirt and tie.
Our First Date - August 19th 2005
We went to Cafe Rio and Fat Cats

Other days:

Carving pumpkins and doing homework at Discovery Park in October 05.

At the Rascal Flatts Concert in November 05

New Years Eve 05

Lake Powell 06



Bride & Groom to Husband & Wife - December 19, 2006