30 October 2008

Picture Tag

I was tagged by Natalie so here are my pictures:
6th Picture File - 6th Picture
This is from Sabrina's Wedding. Just the two of us after she changed out of her dress.

4th file - 4th picture
This is from the last concert I was in at UVSC. Me and Debbie in our first costumes Hers is for Charleston and mine is for the opener. Maybe I should dye my hair and wear eyelashes everyday!
I tag: McKenna, Amber, Cara, Tiff, and Katie
(i don't know how many people i am supposed to tag so hopefully that is enough)


Katie said...

Does file mean folder?

Huntsman Hotties said...

Such a beautiful girl!!! Love you babe

Katie said...


Brandon and Natalie said...

Love the pictures!

Libby, How do you add a blog to your follower list when they don't have the follower gadget on their blog? I hope that made sense.

Hector, Kimberly, Alex and Gabe said...

Hi Libby! I found your blog linked to Nicoles and wanted to catch up on your eventful life! I added your link to my friends list, hope you don't mind :)

Katie and Tyson said...

K, Libs, It's time for another post!